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Students Section

Things admin can do in Students:

  • Register Students
  • Import Students
  • Track Student Progress
  • Upload Certificate to student
  • View Student Details
  • Edit Student Details
  • Edit additional information

Register Student:

Steps to Register Student:
Steps: Students → Student Register → Register Student

  • Click on Register student below form will open.

  • While Register students, we need to fill all mandatory fields.
  • For Info tab description of the fields is as below.
    • First Name: Enter first name
    • Last Name: Enter last name
    • Login ID: Enter Login ID
    • Mobile No: Enter 10 digit valid mobile no.
    • Email ID: Enter valid gmail id. Please do not enter yahoo id.
  • For Address tab description of the fields is as below
    • Address Details: Enter Address
    • Area: Enter Area
    • State: Enter state
    • Country: Select country using dropdown
    • Zipcode: Enter zipcode /Postcode
  • For More tab description of the fields is as below
    • Date of Birth: Select date of birth
    • Nationality: Select nationality using dropdown
    • Gender: Select gender using dropdown.
  • For Advanced tab description of the fields is as below
    • Backlisted: Backlisted dropdown value by default false display.


  • If users select blacklist dropdown value select as True i.e that particular student is considered as blacklisted and that blacklisted student is not allowed to access my account in academy.
  • For Profile Photo tab users can add valid profile photos.
  • After filling all the fields click on Submit button

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