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Things admin can do in certificates:

  • Uploaded certificates can be viewed in certificates.
  • Users can Generate certificates to students manually.
  • Can approve the certificates
  • Users can print certificates.

Steps to Certificates:

Steps: Students → Certificates → Certificate will get open as per below image.

  • In the above image you can see generated certificates button to generate the certificate

Generate Certificate:

If the admin wants to manually generate certificate for any of the candidate then they can use this option

Steps to generate certificate:

Steps: Students → certificates → Generate Certificate

  • Click on the generate certificate below form will be open.

  • We need to fill all mandatory fields.
  • For Info tab description of the fields is as below.
    • Select Student: Select student using search box (only registered user can be selected)
    • Select Certificate: Select certificate using dropdown
    • Certificate Name: Enter certificate name
    • Certificate Group: Enter certificates group
    • Certificate no: Enter certificate No
    • Batch No: Enter certificate batch No
  • For Certificate Details tab description of the fields is as below.
    • Issued On: Select issued on date
    • Expires On: Select expires on date
    • Certificate Year: Select certificate year
    • Place on issue: Select place on issue using dropdown
    • Join From: Select join from date
    • Join To: Select join to date
  • Fill all the details and click on the Submit button.
  • Certificate will get generated for the selected students.
  • Generated certificates are visible in certificate reports.

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