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Attach Question Paper

Things admin can do in Attach Qpaper:

  • Attached Test paper to course

Steps to Add Q papers:

Steps: Course content ⟶ Click on Add Qpaper

  • After clicking on Add Qpaper form will get open.

  • While Attaching Test to the course, we need to fill all mandatory fields.
  • The Description of the fields is as below.
    • Select Qpaper: Published QPapers with matching Stream will be listed in the dropdown
    • Paper Title: Enter the Qpaper Title
    • Paper Type: Two types are there: Paper Practice Paper or evaluation paper.
    • Maximum Attempt: Enter the Paper attempt


  • Practice paper : If the test type is practice then the candidate/user can give exam at at time, there is no such condition which needs to be satisfied.
  • Evaluation Paper :If the test type is Evaluation paper then the users has to complete the course 100% to avail evaluation paper and based on the evaluation paper score Certificate will be generated for the candidate
  • 0 for no limit
  • After filling all the fields click on the Submit button.
  • After clicking on the Submit button Qpaper will be attached to the course and this attached Qpaper will be displaying Test tabs

  • On click Remove Qpaper admin can remove Qpaper from course.
  • On click View Question users can see the question attached to the Qpaper
  • On click Edit Paper users can edit the question paper.

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