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My Courses:

All the purchased/Subscribed courses will be displayed in My Courses Section

Steps to avail the course information:

  • Purchased courses are displayed in my course

Steps: Click on My Courses ⟶ Purchased course are displayed as per below image

  • Users can read course content

Steps: My courses ⟶ Click on course ⟶ Course content page will be display as per below image

  • In the Outline tab chapter wise course content will be displayed.
  • Users can give Test/Exam

Steps: My Courses ⟶ Click on Courses ⟶ Test tab

  • In Above image you can see if the exam is attached to the course, then Exam/Test displayed in Test tabs otherwise No Test Scheduled for this course message will be displayed.

Note*- User can only avail the test if he has gone through all the chapters in the outline tab.

Two types of Paper:

  • Practice paper : Practice paper attached to the course that paper directly displayed in Test tabs.
  • Evaluation Paper : If the Evaluation paper attached to the course, Users have to complete the course 100% , after that users are eligible for evaluation paper.

Note*: After completing the course Evaluation paper will be displayed in the Test tab otherwise not.

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