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Things admin can do in Qbank:

  • Create/Import Question Bank
  • Create Question Paper
  • Create Test/Exam

Steps to Add Question bank:

  • There are two ways to add a question bank:
    • Using form
    • Using import questions

Steps to create Question:

Steps: Qbank → Create Question

  • Click on Create Question button below form will be display

  • While creating questions, we need to fill all mandatory fields.
  • For Info tab Description of the fields is as below.

    • Stream/Group: Select Stream/Group using dropdown
    • Category/Chapter: Enter the category/chapter

    • Question: Enter the Question

    • Question Image: Click and Upload image which will be added in question (if required)

Note* : When stream and category added that means created questions are added to that particular stream and chapter only.

  • For Answer Tab Description of the fields in as below
    • Option Count: Enter the option count as per need (e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6...etc). Based on this no ans box will be displayed.
    • Correct Ans: Select Correct ans using dropdown.

Note*: Minimum answer count is default set for 4 for now (i.e minimum 4 options).

  • For Additional Tab description of the fields is as below.
    • Question Tags: Used in auto generating qpapers. (eg. IIT,PMT2020,etc)
    • Difficulty: Set difficulty of questions using dropdown (e.g High , Medium, Low)
  • For Explanation Tab users can enter the answer explanation in detail manner.
    (*All fields are compulsory.)

  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click submit button question created successfully

  • Created question is display in Reports as shown in below image

  • On click of view icon, admin can view question
  • On click of edit icon, admin can edit question

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