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My Profile:

  • Personal Information: In my profile, users can verify details or edit the details as per the need.

    Steps: My Profile ⟶ Profile Information

  • Additional Data For Certificate: In Additional Details users enter the valid Passport No, CDC No, INDOS No

    Steps: My Profile ⟶ Additional Data for Certificate

Note*: This above details will be displayed on the certificate.

  • Attached your Documents for validation: Users can upload passport or Indos documents here. ( e.g png, Jpg, pdf )

    Steps: My Profile ⟶ Attached your Documents for validation ⟶ Click on Choose file ⟶ After file selecting Click on Upload ⟶ Document upload successfully

  • Social Profiles: Used for adding additional information related to social media
    ( E.g: Linkedin ID, Facebook, Website, Twitter etc.)

    Steps: My Profile ⟶ Social Profiles

  • Settings: In Setting Users can select the language as preferences
    ( e.g English, Marathi, Hindi )

    Steps: My Profile ⟶ Settings ⟶ Select Language ⟶ Click on Save

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