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  • This Materials will be available as downloadables to learners and students who take this course.
  • In Addons users can add materials to the courses.
  • Materials can be Video, PDF, Images etc
  • This materials will be displayed in front end downloads section users can download materials that are attached with courses.

Steps to Add Addons to course:

Steps: Course Content ⟶ Click on Addons ⟶ Click on Upload ⟶ Select materials as per your need ⟶ Materials added successfully.

  • In the above image you can see documents added successfully in materials.

Course Preview

  • On click of Preview button admin can take a quick look of course, this will help admin/user to see how the course will appear in the frontend.

Steps to Course preview

Steps: Course content ⟶ Preview Course

  • In the image below you can see the preview of courses.

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