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Steps to Presettle Claim:

Once claim is under engineering process and all jobs related to that claim are completed than its time to move claim under "presettled" state.

Steps to Presettled Claims:
Step 1: Go to Claims Manager.

Step 2: Click on Under Processing Claim.

Step 3: On click of Under Processing "Under Processing" report will get open.

Step 4: Click on eye icon in front of claim which you want to presettle.

Step 5: View will get open with two buttons as shown below.

Step 6: Click on "Pre settlement Claim" button, on click on Pre Settlement button one form will be displayed to enter more details and claims status will get changed into "Presettle".

[Note: If you want to reject the claim then click on "Reject Claim" button and claim will get rejected and will be visible in "Rejected Claim" Report.]

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