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Datalist are those dropdown values which we want to show in dropdown.
Normally, in html structure we add dropdown values in select tag but in json form we add them using datalist.

Note: There should be no space and special characters in datalist name.

Steps To Add Datalist
Step 1: Click on new button which is in right side corner.
Step 2: Give some group id which will be unique (title) to that datalist.
Step 3: Now you can see it selected in dropdown list followed by report having fields Title, Value, Class, Blocked, Role and action. Now, add the value inside it, which you want to show in that dropdown.

If it is status dropdown then the values will be New,In Progress,Closed.So entry them in below format
Title- New
Value- New
Blocked- checked or not checked depending on to show it or not.

If you want to show it to user then block will be blank else make it checked.

Role- Mark it * so that everyone should be able to see it.

Step 4: Click on current sign which is in green color to add record

Follow Step 4 and 5 until you have values to be entered.

You can add new value in any of the collection added earlier just by selecting the collection from dropdown and adding the values into it as shown in above steps.
Any value added can be edited any time also you can delete the value from dropdown by just clicking on delete button.

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