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Account Setup

Following steps should be followed to create a Datalytics account

Step 1: Go to Registration Site for new registration purpose
URL: http://register.datalytics.smartinfologiks.com/
Enter valid email ID and click on Next button a mail will be sent to your mail ID

Step 2: Enter the 6 Digit code into the verification code box

Step 3 Enter the organization name here in the text field

Step 4: Enter the registration details

Step 5: You will receive a Msg saying "THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING WITH US and Login. Click on login link to login into the system OR you can login into the system using below Url:
URL: console.datalytics.smartinfologiks.com

Note: Only one time, a company can register. Once registered , he/she with the registered credential can invite other members belonging to that company

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