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Datalytics transforms everyday smartphones, tablets and a spectrum of other devices into intelligent data sources with intelligent tagging, Geo tracking and Omnipresence using advanced algorithms and analytical tools. Collect, Analyse & Integrate Any Data.                                                
Datalytics is the next evolution of data centric digital organisation, a unified work space for your company. The service enhances internal data collection, information exchange and communications and places a complete set of business tools into a single, intuitive interface. No pre rules, no restrictions, complete integelligent and integrated business MIS.                                                
Visit  http://register.datalytics.smartinfologiks.com, Just follow the on screen instructions to create your account.                                                
Yes, you will can track each of your agents in realtime via activity or maps                                                
Yes, Datalytics can extend your existing system with flexible customizable no-coding-required workflows. Send us a description of your project and we will do a free assessment for you.                                                
The security of your data and reliability of Datalytics are our foremost priority. You can read more about our security statement here (http://smartinfologiks.com/about/privacy).                                                
No. You can communicate with vendors or customers easily by inviting them to join Datalytics. When they join, they will pay for themselves. You only pay for Datalytics users inside your own company.                                                
When you pay for six months in advance, we\'ll give you a 10% discount. When you pay for a full year, we double that discount upto 20% off.                                                
For large accounts we do offer Datalytics on-premises with our Enterprise edition. Contact us for details.                                                
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