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  • Visitors dashboard will be shown as below image:

  • Click on the left side Menu List → Click on Front Desk → Click on the Visitors tab.

    1.1.Search Visitors:

  • Click on the Search visitors form to open it as per the below image.

  • For search Visitor , Add Visitor info form will open as per the below image.
  • Enter all required details.
    1.Photo: upload the photo.
    2.Visitor Name: Enter the visitor name.
    3.Email:Enter the email
    4.Mobile: Enter the Mobile number.
    5.Address:Enter the Address.
    6.Whom to Meet:Select the whom to meet using search box.
    7.Reference:Enter the reference
    8.Check In: select the check in
    9.Check Out:select the check out
    10.Purpose:Enter the purpose.
    11.Notes: Enter the Notes.
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, reports will be added successfully.
  • Click on the Visitor tab , reports will open as per the below image.
  • On click of the View icon, users can view visitors details.
  • On click of the Checkout icon, users can Checkout visitors details.

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