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  • A resume is a key document used in the recruitment and selection process.
  • It is a written summary of an individual's education, work experience, skills, and qualifications,
    typically submitted by job applicants to potential employers when they are applying for a job.


  • Goto the HR then click on the Resume under Recruitment

1.Resume tab:

  • All employee's resumes are managed in the resume tab.
  • In this tab, resume which are based on opening will be displayed under Resume tab.
  • For adding new resume with opening, click on the New Opening button:

  • Click on New ResumeInfo tab form will get open:

  • Enter all required details.
    1.Title (E.g- Name - Designation): Enter the Title.
    2. Recruitment Opening: The available positions are displayed in the Recruitment Openings dropdown menu.Select the Recruitment Opening from the dropdown menu.
    2.Job Description: Select Job description from the dropdown menu.
    3.Source of Application: Select Source of application from the dropdown menu.
    4.Source Name: Enter the Source name.
    5.Application Date: Select Application date.
    6.Key Skills: Enter the Key skills.
    7.Other Skills: Enter the Other skills.

  • Click on Add ResumePersonal Details tab form will get open:-

    1.Candidate: Enter the Candidate name.
    2.Designation: Select designation from dropdown
    3.Email: Enter the email id
    4.Mobile no: Enter the mobile number.
    5.Address: Enter the address
    6.Alternate mobile no: Enter the alternate mobile no.

  • Click on Add ResumeExperience tab form will get open:-

    1.Relevant Exp1 (In Years): Enter Exp1
    2.Relevant Exp2 (In Years): Enter Exp2
    3.Relevant Exp3 (In Years): Enter Exp3
    4.Total Relevant Exp1 (In Years): Enter Total Relevant Exp1
    5.Total Exp(In years): Enter Total Exp

  • Click on Add ResumeEducational details tab form will get open:-

    1.Qualification1: Enter Qualification1
    2.Percent1: Enter Percent1
    3.Qualification2: Enter Qualification2
    4.Percent2: Enter Percent2
    5.Qualification3: Enter Qualification3
    6.Percent3: Enter Percent3
    7.Passout Year: Enter Passout year

  • Click on Add ResumeOther tab form will get open:-

    1.Current CTC: Enter Current CTC
    2.Expected CTC: Enter Expected CTC
    3.Notice period(Days): Enter Notice Period
    4.Status: Select Status from dropdown
    5.Rating: Select rating from dropdown
    6.Reconsider: Select reconsider from dropdown
    7.Comment: Enter Comment
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, reports will be added successfully.

  • Added Resume is displayed in Reports as shown in the below image.

  • On clicking of the View Resume icon, users can view resume.
  • On clicking of the Edit Resume icon, users can edit resume.

    3.1.2.Resumes Without Opening tab:

  • We manage without opening every employee's resume in the resume tab.
  • Using the Side bar filter, you can easily find information about a specific position.
  • Steps:
  • Click on HR Module
  • Then click the Resume tab on the Dashboard OR the Recruitment Dropdown in the menu.
  • Resume without RID will be shown as below image:

  • On clicking of the View Resume without RID icon, users can view resume.
  • On clicking of the Edit Resume without RID icon, users can edit resume.

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