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6. Order:


  • Order dashboard will be shown as below image:

    6.1.New Order:

  • Click on the + Add New Order form to open it as per the below image.
  • New Orders can be added under this tab.
  • Click on Add New Order by default and the display form will open as below image.

  • Once the Order is added it will display in the Active tab with their type.
    1.Order Title / For: Enter the Title.
    2.Net Amount:Enter the Net Amount.
    3.Po Number: Enter the Po Number.
    4.Client Company: Select Client Company using dropdown.
    5.Group: Select Group using dropdown.
    6.Order Date: Enter the Date.
    7.Remarks: Enter the Remarks.
    8.Group: Select Group using dropdown.
    9.Marketing Source: Select Marketing source using dropdown.
    10.Marketing Campaign: Enter the Marketing campaign.
    11.Order Source: Select Order Source using dropdown.
    12.Order Priority: Enter the Order Priority using dropdown.
    13.Order Year: Select order Year.

  • Click on More tab, then form will get open as below image
  • Once the Order is added it will display in the Active tab with their type.
    1.Manager: Select the manager name using dropdown.
    2.Delivery Due on: Enter the delivery due on date.
    3.Assigned to: Select the assigned to using dropdown.
    4.Tags: Enter the tags.
    5.Open by: Select the open by using dropdown.
    6.Enquiry Details: Enter the Enquiry details.
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, the Service will be added successfully.

    6.2.Active Order Tab :

  • Created orders will be shown in Active Orders.
  • On click of the View icon, users can view Order details.
  • On click of the Edit icon, users can edit Order details.

6.3.History Tab:

  • History tab gives the view of Previous Records that are already existing.
  • One can view all data of Orders that are present & available.
  • Click on the left side Menu list →Click on Sales→Click on OrderHistory
  • Orders which are closed will get stored in the History tab.
  • On click of the Order history icon, users can view task details.

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