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Manager Timesheet

  • That allows managers or supervisors to track and manage the time worked by their team members.
  • Need to monitor and allocate resources efficiently, especially in projects or jobs where,
    time tracking is crucial for cost control, project management, and payroll purposes.

    1. Today:

  • Here manager or supervisor can see current date timesheet of their team member,
    so it can help in tracking the time spent on each project or task,

  • In the today's timelog report we can two more reports i.e Time Analysis & Task Timelog.
  • Time Analysis: It involves monitoring and assessing how employees spend their work hours,
    how long tasks and processes take to complete, and how time is allocated to different projects or activities.
  • Task Timelog: For organizations to manage and optimize their time and resources efficiently.

    2. History:

  • Task Timelog which are closed will get stored in the History tab.

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