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6.3.Add Expense

  • Click on HR tab → Click on Application tab → Click on Add New Expense → Info tab by default display form will get open as per the below image.

    1.Subject: Enter the Subject.
    2.Category: Select Category using dropdown.
    3.Amount Nature: Select Amount Nature using dropdown.
    4.Amount: Select Amount
    5.Start Time: Enter the Start time.
    6.End Date: Enter the End date.
    7.End Time: Enter the End time.
    8.Start Date: Enter the Start Date.
    9.Application To: Select Application To using dropdown.
    10.Reason: Enter the Reason.
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, reports will be added successfully.

  • Added expance is displayed in Reports as shown in the below image.

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