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  • Any complaint or resistance within the Organization are termed as Grievance.
  • The following tab will display all the Reports related to Grievance.


  • Grievance dashboard will be shown as below image:

    5.1.New tab:

  • Click on Grievance tab → Click on New tab→ Click on Add.

    1.Type: Select Type using dropdown.
    2.Reported By: Select Reported by using dropdown.
    3.Description: Enter the Description.
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, reports will be added successfully.

  • Once the report is generated it will be in New status.

  • Post Assigning,the report will display in the Processing tab as shown below
  • On click of the Closed Tab, users can view Closed reports in the Closed tab.
  • On click of the Rejected Tab, users can view Rejected reports in the Rejected tab.

  • Added grievance is displayed in Reports as shown in the below image.
  • On click of the View icon, users can view.
  • On click of the Edit icon, users can edit.
  • On click of the Assign to, users can assign to then update.

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