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  • We often refer to customers who have a relationship with the supplier as clients.
  • A customer is an individual or business that purchases another company's goods or services.


  • Customer dashboard will be shown as below image:

    2.1.Add Customer tab:

  • Click on the Customer + Customer tab by default and the display form will get open as per the image below.

    1.Name: Enter the name.
    2.Company type: Enter Company type
    3.Category: Select category
    4.Group: Select Group using dropdown.
    5.Email: Enter the Email Id.
    6.Type: Select Type using dropdown.
    7.Category: Select Category using dropdown.
    8.Mobile No: Enter the Mobile No.
    9.Client CRN: Enter the Client CRN.
    10.Tags: Enter the Tags.
    11.PAN No:Enter The Pan No.
    11.GST No: Enter The GST No.
    13.Owner: Enter owner name
    14.Demography: Select Demography from dropdown
    15.Fax: Enter fax number
    16.Website: Enter website URL
    17.Remark: Enter remark if required
  • After filling all the mandatory fields click on the Submit button. On click of submit, Customer will be added successfully.

  • Added Customer is displayed in Reports as shown in the below image.
  • On click of the View icon, users can view service master details.
  • On click of the Edit icon, users can edit service master details.

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